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Monday, March 30, 2009

Disney Flashback

We received our Disney PhotoPass pictures in the mail while we were gone, so I thought I should share a few of my favorites!  It is so hard to choose, we have just over 200 pictures!  

We got home late last night from our roadtrip.  It was a great trip!  Many contacts were made, spreading the word about the ministry.  Chet and his dad did an awesome job (as always!) at the three churches.  Chet got to sing yesterday morning with Free Indeed at the Grace Harbour church in Rogers, Arkansas.  So awesome!  Be sure to check out Chet's blog in the next few days for more details and videos of him singing.  (

Hannah is walking towards Mickey in this picture.
I love this one because it shows how excited she is!
Hannah and Annie (from Little Einsteins)
She had so much fun with Sully!
She loved the way her head felt rubbing against his fur.  
Needless to say, her hair stood straight up from the static after we left!

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